Valuation of two hotels in La Plagne and La Rosière – French Alps

Office: Horwath HTL France and Horwath HTL UK

Project Overview: A private operator required a valuation for internal purposes of two alpine resorts in La Plagne and La Rosière in the French Alps. The Horwath HTL UK and France offices were commissioned to cooperate in order to undertake the valuation of the already existing 80-key hotel in La Plagne and the projected 80-key hotel in La Rosière.

Horwath HTL Solution: Horwath HTL undertook a full RICS valuation of the project that included a new valuation of the existing resort and a projected valuation of proposed one.
Horwath HTL carried out a site analysis, examined the market conditions in depth and used a competitive set analysis of remarkable and similar offerings in the French and Italian Alps. Before proceeding to the evaluation, a critical analysis of the proposed positioning and capacity were produced and the supply and demand data as well as the pricing for both entities were projected. An operating cash flow analysis and a financial investment analysis were also provided.

Implementation: The valuations of both hotels were completed in mid-2015 and the project is still ongoing.

Contact for project: Philippe Doizelet