Market assessment of the Chinese market for Egypt

Office: Horwath HTL France, Horwath HTL Asia Pacific

Location: Egypt and China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai)

Category: Tourism and Leisure Business Line, Destination marketing strategy

Project Overview: The tourism industry, which brings in a significant amount of foreign revenue and investment, has long been the backbone of Egypt’s economy and has, in particular, supported the livelihood of the local community at the grassroots level.
The IFC (World Bank Group) required Horwath HTL’s assistance to better understand the current market situation, with the objective to increase the number and/or economic value of Chinese tourists to Egypt.

Scope of Work: The study aimed at assessing the potential of the Chinese outbound market and identifying the most effective marketing and promotion tools for the Egyptian authorities to promote Egypt in the Chinese market and hence achieve the objective of increasing the number of Chinese tourists in Egypt and the economic value they generate.

Horwath HTL Solution and Implementation: Horwath HTL’s mission involved a review of official available tourism statistics, a review of existing surveys and studies on the characteristics and trends of Chinese outbound tourism market, desk analysis regarding marketing strategies of several countries on the Chinese market, qualitative interviews with Chinese and Egyptian tourism operators and airlines companies, international benchmark of marketing strategies developed by destinations successful at attracting Chinese tourists, and interviews and workshops with representatives of the Egyptian Tourism Authority.
These actions allowed Horwath HTL to deliver an operational marketing and digital marketing strategy and a comprehensive action plan.

Project Status: The mission is currently being conducted, and the results and recommendations will be soon presented to the Egyptian Minister of Tourism.