Luxury Wellness Resort, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Office: Horwath HTL Health & Wellness, Bangkok, Thailand

Scope of Work: Market Research, Feasibility Study and Operational Concept Development

Project Overview: 45 acre prime plot of land that is directly on the Ayung River in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. The goal of the assignment was to create a business plan for a luxury wellness community that includes a wellness resort, resort-grade real estate, a retail village, and organic farm.

Horwath HTL Solution: Develop a luxury wellness community where guests can experience the spa and wellness traditions of the East and the West. The wellness resort of 74 guest rooms, suites, and pool villas will serve as the core of the community, complimented by the resort-grade real estate. Develop a retail village that connects to the wellness community and offers opportunities for guest entertainment, but also serves Ubud’s larger real estate and resort community by offering farm-to-table restaurant, cooking school, conference facilities, cafe, day spa, distillery, retail outlets, outdoor performance areas, and other commercial businesses.

Project Status: Project is currently under construction, and scheduled to open in 2018.

Contact for project: Ingo Schweder