Luxury Resort & Residences in Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil

Office: Horwath HTL Brazil

Category: Market Research, Concept Development and Feasibility Study

Project description: Our Client is the owner of one of the last big pieces of land with own beach in the consolidated tourism destination Praia do Forte in the Bahia Estate, Brazil. He wanted to define the best project to develop, including the most adequate brands to manage the proposed hotel and the expected attached residential condominium.

Horwath HTL solution: We conducted deep market research in the region and in the entire Brazilian shore for references in the luxury segment. We also studied the best use of the land and proposed a preliminary Area Program and configuration of a medium-size luxury hotel with branded residences, a beach club with a small service area, and a condominium of non-branded residences. We also identified the most adequate brands and launched the first conversations on behalf of our Client.

Project status: Project under development.