Immochan Market study, product positioning, and concept for a complete leisure complex, France

Office: Horwath HTL France

Category: Feasibility/Programming – Leisure & Shopping Malls

Scope of Work: The company Immochan wants to build a leisure and commercial complex on nearly 20 hectares on the French-Swiss border near Geneva (in Saint-Genis-Pouilly). Because of the competitive environment, the company wants to think about a specific concept for its leisure complex.

Description of Project: Horwath HTL assisted Immochan during the first phase of its implementation strategy: we realized a market study based on a diagnosis of the site, a supply and demand study focused on leisure and a benchmark. The second phase of the study consisted in the definition of the positioning and the global concept. We proposed several scenarios and assist Immochan in choosing the best one.

Project Status: Assignment completed in 2012 – conception in progress