Historic Wellness Hotel, Bad Kissingen, Germany

Office: Horwath HTL Health & Wellness

Scope of Work: Market Research and Feasibility Study and Conceptual Space Planning

Project Overview: An historic building, part of a 17,000 square meter land plot, that is in the heart of one of Germany’s oldest bathing towns. The goal of the assignment was to determine how the Client could renovate the historic building to meet and requirements of luxury consumers, meet the requirements of the local building authorities, and leverage the development to reinvigorate the town’s tourism industry.

Horwath HTL Solution: Renovate the historic building to include guest arrival, historic suites, F&B outlets, and bathing, and compliment the historic structure by developing a modern building that includes guest rooms and suites, spa and wellness facility, and resort-grade residential real estate.

Project Status: Project is currently on-hold.

Contact for project: Ingo Schweder