Hard Rock Hotel & Resort Ilha do Sol, Paraná, Brazil

Office: Horwath HTL Brazil

Category: Market Analysis, Financial Feasibility Study, Assistance in Concept Design and Assistance in Negotiations

Project description: Our Client took an option to acquire a large incomplete construction inside an island (“Island of the Sun”) located in an inland region without tourism development. Our Client needed to confirm the existence and size of the potential demand for sale the fractional units and for the further operation of the resort.

Horwath HTL solution: We performed a market research focused on the potential demand. We found a very significative amount of wealthy families in the cities around the island, requiring a nearby high-level resort for their holidays. We also forecast the rhythm of sales and advised about the commercial strategy to position the resort. That information, together with a complete Feasibility Study, were key elements to sign the contract with Hard Rock and with the owner of the asset.

Project status: Our Client bought a part of the project, signed with Hard Rock and his Fund approved the structure of the operation. Currently under construction, expecting to open in Summer 2019. Together with Ibiza, this will be the second Hard Rock resort inside an island.