Gödöllő, Hungary – Strategic Development Plan for the Gödöll? Royal Palace

Office: Horwath HTL Hungary & Russia

Scope of Work: The Budapest Office has been commissioned to prepare a Strategic Development Plan for the Gödöllő Royal Palace and its Immediate Environment.

Description of Project: The report prepared by Horwath HTL Hungary contains the long-term development concept, strategy and feasibility potential of the Gödöllő Royal Palace (one of the key host venues during the EU Presidency in H1 2011). Focus has been put on the revision and preparation of the project development concept followed by the feasibility assessment of the proposed developments to provide a clear view on the relevant attraction and accommodation markets and related sights (i.e. programmes, events, exhibitions, conferences and wellness facilities), the analysis of relevant demand and viability of the entire development project.

Status: Assignment completed