Changbai Mountain Scenic Area – Fusong County, Jilin Province, China

Office: Horwath HTL Singapore

Category: Tourism and Leisure

Scope of Work: Tourism Development Master Planning

Description of Project: Horwath HTL was engaged to provide a strategic development plan and feasibility study for a ski resort development outside of the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area in Fusong County, Jilin Province. The project provided research and analysis of China’s developing ski market as well as numerous case studies from comparable North American ski resort areas. The report provided a detailed conceptual plan for the development of the proposed resort’s three Phase 1 hotels, how the ski facilities should generate hotel demand, what additional retail and food & Beverage facilities would be needed within the resort complex, and a blueprint for creating demand through recreational activities and events throughout the year. The study also included 10-year utilization and operating projections for the three Phase 1 hotels.