Horwath HTL's Sinisa Topalovic is Speaking at the 2017 ITB Hospitality Day

By On 23rd February 2017

Sinisa Topalovic, Managing Director of Horwath HTL, Croatia and a senior member of the Tourism and Leisure business line will be speaking at the 2017 ITB Hospitality Day event being organised by Hospitality Inside, the well know German based Hospitality media group. The conference day is being held on March the 9th at the Berlin Messe, Hall 7.1/b in the London auditorium.

The session will showcase Hotel managers and tourism experts discussing hotel performance in good times and bad times. In focus: Iran, Russia, Georgia and Greece.

Hotel groups usual work side by side with the destination managers. Only together, guests can be lured into the country. Especially when a destination like Iran opens overnight: The first hotel group that signed a contract there were the Arabic Rotana Hotels. CEO Omer Z. Kaddouri talks about challenges on the side of hoteliers and the charm of the country. Georgia is already in the midst of a boom. The country for all seasons is carefully stepping strategically and is still good for surprises. George Chogovadze, Head of Georgian National Tourism Adminstration, sits on stage – just like Dr. Aris Ikkos from Greece. The Research Director of the tourism association (INSETE) has also positive news, despite all images of refugees. Nonetheless, the hotel industry stays challenged, depending on the location.

Also Greece needs to be evaluated tactfully in the same way as Russia. Walter C. Neumann, CEO of the biggest national chain Azimut Hotels, explains how to survive in the face of political and economic changes. The panel discussion “The fortunate and the unfortunate. Hoteliers and tourist experts on the hotel performance in good and in bad times.” Starts at 4 p.m. The presenter is Sinisa Topalovic, partner of the consulting company Horwarth HTL in Zagreb, who are specialized in tourism

Moderated by:
Siniša Topalović, Managing Partner, Horwath HTL Zagreb

Panel guests:
George Chogovadze, Head, Georgian National Tourism Administration
Dr. Aris Ikkos, Research Director, Insete
Omer Z. Kaddouri, President and CEO, Rotana Hotels
Walter C. Neumann, CEO, Azimut Hotels

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