2016 A Good Year for Hotel Investment

By On 13th February 2017

From Quotidiano Immobiliare

Milan • “Globally, 2016 was a good year for real estate transactions in the hospitality sector: reaching limits not seen since 2007. with Europe as the third largest transaction market in the world,” said James Chappell, Global Busienss Director of Horwath HTL, during the presentation of Horwath Hotels & Chains 2017 report produced Italian Confindustria Hotels Association, which was held this morning at Bocconi University in Milan. “Tourism continues to be a key sector of the world economy”, echoed Zoran Bacic, Managing Partner Horwath HTL, Italy. “The positive results of 2016 demonstrate the resilience of the sector compared to natural disasters, terrorist threats and the loss of economic momentum in some areas,” he concludes. “According to our survey, in 2016 in Italy there are 1,400 hotel affiliated with hotel chains, for a total of 155,000 rooms and 204 brands. The presence of the chains is widespread in the territory: in fact, if we consider only the major cities, can be reached only 35% of the presence of hotel chains in Italy, “said Giorgio Ribaudo, project Manager Horwath HTL, Italy.

After the presentation of the report, which was attended also by Giorgio Palmucci, President of the Italian Association Confindustria Hotels, there was a debate on the strategies and implications for the Italian market, which included some of the protagonists of the major hotel chains present on the Italian market.

At the round table Chema Basterrechea, CEO NH Hotels, said: “NH has bet much on Italy. We opened 18 facilities throughout the country,” Who wants to promote the development of hotel chains in our country is Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, as stated by Alessandro Belli, Head of Tourism Real Estate CDP Investimenti SGR. “CDP has a plan of investments in real estate for 3.8 billion euro, with a particular attention to tourism as economic driver of the country. We are aiming at growing hotel chains in Italy, favoring the separation of ownership and management.”

More cautious was the position of Domenico Bilotta, Managing Director Invest SGR: “Since 2004, I have seen the scramble SGR to build tools dedicated to the tourism sector, but in 12 years it has not really come up with anything” Because in Italy ‘hotels is a fragmented market, mainly in the hands of the families “.

Giampiero Schiavo, CEO Castello SGR, also Highlighted the flaws of the Italian accommodation system “The Italian hospitality still has big problems. In Italy, ‘family’ capitalism is still very strong and the crisis, which I think will last a long time, brought many distressed assets onto the market. Furthermore, the quality of the hotel facilities is on average very low, “concludes Schiavo.

The event was also attended by Luca Boccato, CEO HNH Hotels & Resorts, a family business white label muli-brand and brand using a number of international chains. “Now we have decided to start a full corporate restructuring, with completely separtation of ownership and management, with us concentrating on the latter,” says Boccato. Enzo Casati, director general Starhotels, the first Italian hotel chain, points out that the Italian hotel market is fragmented, making the point that “other European countries, with 7 hotels and 897 rooms may not be the primary national chain. At the moment now our assets are owned, but definitely will begin in the field of professional management.”

Renzo Iorio, CEO Accor Hotels in Italy, shifts attention to the importance of the customer, who must be at the center of the hotel chain choices. “Today – says Iorio – the customer attachment is critical, and the brand’s ability to be attached to the customer on a larger network is an added value. For this are carrying out acquisitions of all modes of consumption of the customer”.

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