Al Habtoor Group Chairman, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Delivers Keynote at HOTCO Conference and Praises Hungary’s Investor-Friendly Landscape

By On 02nd February 2017

At a special keynote address at the inaugural Horwath HTL HOTCO hotel invest event, Al Habtoor Group Chairman, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor praised Hungary’s investor-friendly landscape and spoke glowingly of the regions potential for growth.

The event, which had over 70 speakers and 300 delegates from 35 countries, brought bringing together the hotel investment, financing, ownership and hotel brand and operating community for the first time in the region.
Chairman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor was asked to deliver the keynote as his group is a significant investor in the region, owning the InterContinental Budapest and the Ritz-Carlton Budapest hotels as well as two office buildings, the Rambach Centre and Dorottya Udvar.

He said Hungary to be a good investment destination for foreign investors over the more traditional markets in Europe, which he believes have peaked.  “The return on investment is more lucrative in Hungary that other parts of Europe,” he said, adding that the established markets have too much red tape. The Chairman said that investors are attracted by the business friendly and politically stable environment, Hungary’s central location as well as tax benefits and other incentives.

Marius Gomola, Managing Director of Horwath HTL, Hungary and the conference organizer said, “We were honored to have the Chairman speak at our event. His positive words about market conditions in Hungary, as well as his investments, only serve to emphasize the recovery in the region and will give other investors the comfort to follow his lead.”

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