Dates for 2016 HOSTA Report and Event Released

By On 17th August 2016

Horwath HTL, Netherlands have today announced that their much anticipated annual event will be held in Amsterdam on the 13th of September by invitation only. The event, will see two great presentations:

  • Hotel Financing & Lending. Presentation by ING Bank
  • Data and Privacy issues. Presentation by Baker & McKenzie

In addition, there will be an interview with Peter Verhoeven, the Managing Director of

At the event, the Horwath HTL team, led by Managing Partner Ewout Hoogendoorn, will present the HOSTA 2016 report which is an encylopedic look at hotel performance in the Netherlands and Benelux.

The event is strictly by invitation only, for more information, contact the Amsterdam office.

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Ewout Hoogendoorn is owner and managing director of Horwath HTL Benelux, member of Crowe Horwath International. Crowe Horwath International is an international organisation of accountants, tax consultants and management consultants. The management consultancies have a strong focus on Hotel, Tourism and Leisure Industries with 50 offices worldwide and approximately 350 people. Ewout studied architecture and Business Administration in Delft and has 29 years of experience in developing and implementing strategies, project management, market research and development of market strategies in the following sectors: building industry (5 years), general consultancy (6 years), and hotel tourism and leisure industries (18 years). Horwath HTL presents marketing and financial figures of the Benelux hotel industry at an annual conference initiated and chaired by Ewout as of 1998, and sponsored by ING Bank. Ewout maintains strong relationships with the hospitality desks of all major Dutch banks and a number of foreign banks. As Horwath takes a leading position in consulting to the hotel industry, Ewout is involved in almost all major Dutch hotel developments. He enjoys working based on facts and figures, and is inspired by turning that knowledge into an instrument for active change management. A quote which particularly appeals to him is the following: ‘At the end of the day, a fine balance needs to be secured between the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ sides of an organization.’
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