Special Market Report, Issue 62: Cyprus

By On 21st April 2016

Pambos Michaelides of Horwath HTL Cyprus has written the next in our series of market reports, focusing on the new Cyprus Integrated Casino Resort and its impact on Cyprus.

It has been widely communicated that Cyprus is about to license its first ever fully fledged casino. This is a new concept for the Island nation as well as a brand new sector. We examine the situation, try to establish what this really means for the country and what its impact will be on the tourism sector.

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Pambos Michaelides

Pambos Michaelides is a Business Consultant who specializes in the hotel and tourism sector. After a 3 years of practicing consulting for Nielsen in the UK he has returned to the Horwath HTL Cyprus office of which he is a founding member of. Today he serves as an executive director, responsible for Horwath's operations in Cyprus as well as other neighbouring markets. During his career, amongst other, Pambos has led projects such as regional tourism development plans, Casino market assessments and has contributed to the Strategic planning of Hotels, resorts etc. Pambos Michaelides has studied in the University of Brighton for a degree in Management with Marketing and has a Masters degree in HR.
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