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By On 23rd October 2015

With continued presence in the Asia Pacific region since 1987, Horwath HTL has built an unrivalled level of expertise involving over 1,000 projects.

Our regional experience, market research and analysis capabilities underpin the planning process for hotel, tourism and leisure related projects. Horwath HTL feasibility studies provide impartial assessment of project viability and are heavily relied upon by owners, developers, investors, operators, lenders and other interested third parties when making their project planning, investment and/or financing decisions.

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Robert Hecker

Robert Hecker manages the Asia regional arm of Horwath HTL with offices in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta. Since his arrival in the region with Horwath in 1988, he has developed an extensive background and expertise in the region’s developing hotel and tourism industries through his direct involvement in the planning and analysis of more than 500 projects located throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Overall, he has 35 years of experience including hotel operations with Pacific Plaza Hotels in California and conducting market and financial analyses for hotels, resorts, cruise ships, convention centers, conference centers and restaurants while with Laventhol and Horwath in San Francisco. Robert is also a frequent speaker at industry related conferences around the region and has published numerous research articles in regional industry publications.
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